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These are the comments we’ve heard (and said) our entire careers, and these comments are the reason we decided to create harmonizeHR.  We know there are gaps in your user experience within your HR tech stack, and we are here to fill those gaps. 

It’s our belief HR tech providers will never be everything to everyone.  This is exactly where harmonizeHR will step in. We will build applications on top of your existing technology to make your users faster, more efficient, or simply make their lives easier.  

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Jon first had the idea for the company while working at iCIMS, and listening to iCIMS’ founder, Colin Day, speak about iCIMS being a platform other organizations can build upon using their public API. He knew with his deep understanding of the iCIMS platform, his technical knowledge of the iCIMS public API, and talent acquisition teams processes he could create applications which enhanced the end user experience.

Over the next few years, the idea grew from focusing on building in the iCIMS ecosystem to expanding out to the broader TA & HR tech environment. The goal of the harmonizeHR is simple: provide a tool to TA & HR practitioners that allows them to maximize the use of their HR tools.

Jon Barth

Jon’s career spans across in-house HR roles and professional services at HR tech SaaS companies including iCIMS, Beamery & Symphony Talent.  From managing a company’s in-house recruitment technology to leading the largest CRM implementation ever completed.  He has spent his career seeing firsthand the positive impact technology can have on a team’performance.  What’s driven him the most has always been finding solutions through technology.  

He has long considered himself a “translator” by being able to take a talent acquisition team’s needs and convert those requirements into specific and clear engineering tasks to create a great experience.
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