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These are the comments we’ve heard (and said) our entire careers, and these comments are the reason we decided to create harmonizeHR.  We know there are gaps in your user experience within your HR tech stack, and we are here to fill those gaps. 

It’s our belief HR tech providers will never be everything to everyone.  This is exactly where harmonizeHR will step in. We will build applications on top of your existing technology to make your users faster, more efficient, or simply make their lives easier.  

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Jon and Geoff began working together when they shared iCIMS’ customers while Geoff worked on their data migrations and Jon was their implementation manager. 

Over the years, Jon and Geoff talked often about all the “opportunities for improvement” when it came to the overall HRIS stack, much less the recruiting side of technology. In 2021, they decided it was time to change the way companies did HR, make it more effective and efficient, and harmonizeHR was born.

Jon Barth

Jon’s career spans across in-house HR roles and professional services at HR tech SaaS companies.  From managing a company’s in-house recruitment technology to leading the largest CRM implementation ever completed.  He has spent his career seeing firsthand the positive impact technology can have on a team’performance.  What’s driven him the most has always been finding solutions through technology.   

In his spare time, you’ll find him trying every coffee shop in Austin, rooting for his favorite St. Louis sports team (let’s go Blues & Cardinals), playing soccer or relaxing with his girlfriend and their two pets (Tucker & Sullivan).   

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Geoff Mueller

In his 30year career in Information Technology, Geoff has seen his share of innovation and change. Over the years, Geoff has been everything from a database administrator to a website developer to an app developer to running multi-million dollar grid security projects. His latest project has been ETL migrations between databases specializing in applicant tracking systems (ATS). 

Over the years of working with ATSes and as a hiring manager, Geoff has seen many opportunities for improvement all along the HR technology stack. Thus, another passion was born leading to the creation of harmonizeHR. 

Geoff earned his undergrad degree in English from The University of Texas at Austin and his MBA from Webster University with a double focus in Macroeconomics and International Finance (business and IT have to align, after all!). 

Geoff’s hobbies include being the best and most humble cook ever, sports, tending his flock of chickens, listening to all the music, and being the corniest father possible. 



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